Eligibility Criteria

  • A Candidate may be admitted to the first year B.A./B.Sc./B.Com.(Hons/General) courses of studies on passing H.S(10+2) Examination conducted by West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education or an equivalent examination conducted by other state Board/Council provided he/she has also passed English having full marks of not being less than 100.
  • Candidates seeking admission to all Hons. Courses must have following criteria provided by C.U :

    1. 50% in aggregate * and 45% in the subject or related subject at the previous qualifying examination.
    2. 55% in the subject or related subject at the previous qualifying examination.
    3. 50% in aggregate * when the candidate has not studied the subject in his/her previous qualifying examination.
    Subject Related Subjects
    Accountancy Business Economics including Business Mathematics/Business Organization/ Mathematics/Economics/Statistics / Commerce/Accounts/Book Keeping/ Business Studies/Financial Accounting/ Business Mathematics
    Computer Science Physics and Mathematics
    Philosophy Psychology
    Education Psychology/ Philosophy/ Mathematics/ Sociology/Economics/Political Science/ History
  • A candidate shall be allowed to take up subject(s) under heading (A) as Hons. subject if he/she has passed in the subject(s) under heading (B) at the previous qualifying examination.
    Subject (A) Subject (B)
    Commerce Accountancy / Business Economics including Business Mathematics / Business Organization/ Mathematics/Economics / Statistics / Commerce / Accounts / book Keeping / Business Studies / Financial Accounting / Business Mathematics
    Computer Science
    Philosophy Philosophy
    Education Psychology / Philosophy / Mathematics / Sociology / Economics / Political Science / History
    Statistics Statistics / Mathematics
    Physics Physics and Mathematics
    Chemistry Chemistry/Physics/Mathematics
    Zoology Zoology/Biology/ Bio-technology
    Botany Botany/Biology/Bio-technology
    Economics Mathematics
    Mathematics Mathematics
  • A SC/ST candidate is eligible to get admission to the Hons. course if he/she has 40% marks in aggregate * or 40% marks in the subjects or related subject.
*For the purpose of determining eligibility for admission to the Hons. course, aggregate marks obtained at the pre-qualifying examination shall be calculated by adding the marks in top-four subjects in order of marks secured by candidate. However, marks in Compulsory Environmental Education/Studies shall not be taken into the account for calculation of aggregate of marks.